It’s my new favorite podcast. I’m gonna be tweeting and instagramming and spreading the word.
You are amazing. It is amazing
— -Lillian

This destigmatization and space have been incredibly important to me. Invaluable.
— Jimena

“Its amazing how even just one day of intentional effort can make a bit of a lasting impact on your relationship”

Before BBXX I never thought I needed to work on anything-that all my relationships were perfectly fine. But it turns out that I just hadn’t realized how unhealthy the communication in my family was, and the habits I had developed as a result! Its been fascinating experience working together to change how we communicate and meditate conflict.

I had been looking for something like this! I love companies like OMGYes and Tabu; and with BBXX I found the perfect compliment to really go more in depth-from sex education to creating intimacy and deeper relationships.

I can’t explain how much we need this.
Thank you.
— Eric