The XX

What’s with the name?? Glad you asked!

BBXX was started because we couldn’t find the information we were looking for.
Yes, it started with sex. But it has become so much more.

Pornography, as you might know, is referred to as XXX. It’s not representative of the real world, nor your own real-life experiences.
For that matter, neither are movies. They are both forms of fantasy that sadly provide the most widespread education that we have about “sex” “relationships.”
And not a healthy one at that…

On the other side of the spectrum, we have education- which we’ll refer to as X.
This could be the sad excuse for sex ed that you may (or may not) have received from health websites, NGO’s, and other scientific explanations. These are very important up to a certain point in your life- safety first.
But once we complete that basic level of our needs- what about the huge, gaping space in between those two extremes? Also know as - THE PLACE WHERE YOUR REAL LIFE TAKES PLACE.
What about how to be vulnerable? How claim what you want and deserve? What about connection, intimacy, passion? What about all the information about how to live real relationships in real life.
Because it’s not fucking easy, that’s for sure.

Well, we want to bridge the gap and we’re here to bring you THE XX.

It started with sex, but only as a tool to help us learn about even more meaningful parts of our relationships- connection, vulnerability, intimacy- which also coincidentally make for the best sex ;)
The exploration and understanding of our sexuality + healthy, open communication = the deepest intimacy.

Therapy is another side of the spectrum, but many of us might never truly need that level of personalized attention- nor be able to afford it- and the harsh truth is than many of us might never go to them even if we very much do need them.
So what then? Just continue to live mediocre relationships like so many other people? We think not.

Our close relationships account for 70% of our happiness and 90% of our wellness- so what the fuck does that say about our priorities if we’re not living them to their fullest?

Maybe that means working to learn more about yourself, more about how you communicate and relate to other people in order to overcome your challenges.
Or maybe that means recognizing that you actually deserve much better than the situation you’re in- and helping you recognize your power to leave and liberate yourself of the handcuffs of your comfort and fear.

BBXX wants to be your guide to intimacy- from sexuality to communication.
We want to help you live better relationships and a better life as a result.
Welcome to the XX.

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