3.1 The Stories Behind The Adult Industry

Do you have a stance on porn? What is it based on?

Many of us have our opinions, but how many of us know the stories of the people behind the industry?

Later this week we will share more scientific and research-based resources, for example covering the psychological, emotional, and social consequences of pornography.  But the idea- for now- is that you can perhaps better form your own opinions from a place of deeper understanding, as a result of hearing some of these unique stories from the people who work in the industry. We truly believe that stories are one of the best ways to teach- and to learn. 

The Most Successful Male Porn Star Of All Time Tells His Story And Speaks Out Against Porn

Eye opening. 

In the 1980s, Greg moved to California to become an actor. When the writer's strike hit, Greg was forced to find other work. Starving and broke, Greg had no idea that one business card would lead him to become "the most popular, most decorated male porn star of all time"— nor did he have any idea of the consequences that would follow.

An impactful, six-minute, safe for work video.

Hot Girls Wanted

In this Sundance Film Festival breakout documentary, filmakers Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus shed light on Florida's amateur porn industry through the experiences of five young women trying to make it in the business.

Streaming on Netflix

The Last Days of August

In December 2017, famed adult film star August Ames died by suicide in a park in the Conejo Valley. Her death came just a day after she’d been the victim of a social media pile-on by fellow porn professionals—punishment for her tweeting out something deemed homophobic.

A month later, August’s husband and pornography producer Kevin Moore connected with journalist Jon Ronson to tell the story of how cyberbullying via Twitter killed his wife. Neither of them could predict the rumors and secrets that Ronson would soon hear, revelations that hinted at a very different story—something mysterious and unexpected and terrible.

Streaming on Audible.

The Butterfly Effect

From the same writers and producers comes their first production of this type, which tells the story of how PornHub came to be. A teen in Brussels had a revolutionary idea – to make porn *free* and available for streaming online. I found it to be more graphicand less interesting than their later work in Last Days Of August, but I did learn how the company- which has 92 million daily users- was basically started as a tech company in Montreal, Canada. 

Streaming on iTunes.

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