2.2 "Sex" is the most Googled word in the Arabic language

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Here are some things we've learned, questions we have, and more resources related to the changemakers we shared with you earlier this week

Love & Sex Around The World, featuring Christiane Amanpour

  • "The most Googled word in the Arabic language is 'sex.' Everybody is obsessed with it only because it’s a taboo.” 

  • In Japan 47.2% of marriages are sexless, saying "I love you" is uncommon, even in marriage, and PDA (public displays of affection) are rare, even just holding hands. 

  • Marital rape is still legal in India, not to mention in 36 other countries. As a matter of fact, 2.6 billion women live in countries where marital rape is legal. 

What is the culture of "Love & Sex" in your home country?

More fun facts and lots of questions to reflect upon— in the Medium article 

Anxy Mag

The four publications released so far are about anger, workaholism, boundaries, and masculinity. Here are some other articles we have come across and questions we have been asking ourselves in regards to those themes —

Did you know that anger is contagious??
The good news is that so is happiness! Learn more here. 

Did you know that anger can come from four very different sources?
Guilt, Fear, Shame, and Pain. 
Do you experience anger? What type of anger do you experience— and why?

Boundaries: What are your boundaries? Do you actually enforce them? Be it with friendships, a partner, or kids. Do your words and actions actually stay true to your boundaries?
Here is an article that explains boundaries in detail, as well as their importance, and provides PDF's to help you define your own. 

“Masculinity is not inherently male ... and femininity isn’t inherently female.”


  • Did your parents have "the talk" with you? Was it actually helpful? Haha. 

  • What do you wish you had learned in sex ed- or at home- about sex and/or relationships?

  • Do you know how you would you teach your children about these topics? 
    Our two latest episodes of the BBXX podcast talk about how developmental sexuality, how to address the "birds & the bees," and the struggles of navigating these complicated landscapes as a current or future parent. 

As many of you know but some of you may not, BBXX was founded in Latin America and we have just recently relocated to the US! So, if you have any recommendations for resources like this en español, ¡avísanos por favor!

Also, be on the lookout for our first BBXX podcast episode en español, coming soon!