1.2 "The hyper-sexualization of humanity in general."

(And yes, that counts as a tough question.)

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Anyways, we’re keeping this short and sweet. Our one and only goal is for you to engage in a conversation this weekend in regards to sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. (Or a journal entry or simply a deep thought if you want to hangout at home alone, we won’t judge.)Thus, here are a few questions to help you do so, and you will then officially begin on your journey towards helping us break the taboo, start opening your minds, to change the conversation with those around you- and eventually, our culture. 


  • In what ways have you possibly beared witness to this unhealthy culture, or contributed to it? 

  • Where have your values and beliefs about sexuality come from? Where do you think they should come from? 

  • How have you become more aware, more intentional, and more respectful as you age? 

  • What can we do to change this unhealthy culture portrayed in the movie?  

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The Mask You Live In

  • What does it mean to “be a man” today? How is that definition different from what it means to "be a woman" or to be a human being in general? 

  • How do you think some of the men in your life may have been affected by this?

  • How can we help men fight this and create a more empathetic and open culture for boys and men, in which they don’t feel pressured to 'wear a mask'? 

Miss Representation

  • The average person consumes 10.45 hours a day of media influence.
    If the media's number one motivation is money, what does that imply about the messages they are choosing to send us? 

  • "7% of directors and 13% of film writers are women."
    How much thought is being put into the messages that are being sent from tv and movies to young girls and women from tv and movies?  

  • "78% of girls hate their bodies by the age of 15."  What kind of culture allows that to happen? 

Generation Wealth

  • How were you raised to think about money? To talk about it? 

  • How has money shaped your life design and choices? 

  • What role does money play in your relationships? 

  • Do you feel more (or less) comfortable talking about money or about sex? 

We're excited you're embarking on this journey with us to change the conversation- and the culture- surrounding intimacy and relationships! 

— xoxo, BBXX