1.0 Meet Your New BFF - Welcome to the BBXX Book Club


With week one of the “BBXX Book Club” we want to set the stage for your learning and growth by providing a base.  While the themes BBXX focuses on are sexuality, intimacy, and communication in order to better understand yourself and live better relationships as a result, there so much more to it.

As you might notice in our podcast, we’re already trying to examine the “why” behind things.  Why it is that we think a certain way, therefore talk about these themes in a certain way (or don’t talk about them at all), which in turn shapes our behaviors and our culture.  But it all also stems from our culture- and other influences such as our families, the media, politics, and language.  How are we supposed to be a sex-positive culture, for example, if the only slang words for vagina are negative- e.g. cunt, pussy, twat, etc? 

Anyways, to set the stage, this week is about CULTURE.  There is a heavy focus on video and documentaries because they allow us to delve deeply, and quickly, into this theme. However, in the future you might see curations from a variety of sources that might range from the news to media and advertisements,  articles, podcasts, tedtalks, tv shows, yes, some actual books, and more documentaries.  We might also include companies or people helping to change this space, as well as related events you might be interested in.  


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Liberated:  The New Sexual Revolution
"A film about coming of age, masculinity, femininity, power, lust, pop culture, liberation, sex, beauty, desire, pleasure, intoxication, coercion, violation."
Yes, all of that, examined through the lens of college kids on spring break.
"Sinister," to say the least. 

The Mask We Live In 
Explores how our culture's narrow definition of masculinity is harming our boys, men and society at large- and reflects on what we can do to change it.  An impactful look and new understanding of masculinity- one of our favorite topics. 

Explores how the mainstream media's often disparaging portrayals of women contribute to the under-representation of females in positions of leadership.  Even if you feel as though you already know a lot about feminism and the brainwashing power of the media, there's sadly still more to learn. It also serves as a great compliment to The Mask We Live In

Generation Wealth
Everything is about power- from sex to relationships to culture and happiness- and power is oh so often about money. This movie explores the frightening reality of how money basically shapes our lives, influences our decisions, and permeates our lives in so many ways- and so much deeper- than we realize. 

Notice that we purposefully haven't included many of our own thoughts?
It's because we want you to think for yourself first. Be on the lookout later this week for reflections and some questions for you to ask yourself- and your friends over the weekend to start changing the culture and the conversation!


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We had our very first BBXX event in San Francisco last week! 
Here are some of our favorite quotes from the evening of intimate conversation- 

"Boys have a tough setup. From the first day you go to school you basically are engrained with the message that you can't express who you are. And when you can't express yourself, you act out in other ways. You sort of just put on your mask and act accordingly."

"I think even today I have to remind myself that my pleasure is just as important as a man's." 

"You can't control who comes in and out of your life. But if you can think of your past relationships, and think about how lucky you are to have had that love and learning, and fuel that gratitude, the more that energy will come back to you."  

We're going to be launching more intimate get-togethers to give people the chance to meet up in person to talk about everything shared via the book club, so stay tuned for more announcements!